Feature Films : Still Alice ; Beyond the Lights ; The Imitation Game

Three more Oscar Nominated films to watch this weekend!

Still Alice featuring Kristen Stewart, Julianne Moore, and Kate Bosworth follows Alice, a happily married woman with three grown children who starts to forget words and soon receives a devastating diagnosis. This film is spectacular, Julianne marvels in strength for this character, and proves she deserves Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Oscars.

Beyond the Lights follows superstar singer, Noni, who is forced by fame to lose herself, until she meets Kaz, a young cop who works to help her find the courage to develop her own voice. This film is a sort of Nicholas Sparks love story mixed in with a little MTV. All around good vibes and really great music too!

The Imitation Game is based during World War II, mathematician Alan Turing tries to crack the enigma code with help from fellow mathematicians. It is a moving tribute to an extraordinary man.


Feature Film : The Grand Budapest Hotel

Director, Wes Anderson, creates this world following the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous hotel from the fictional Republic of Zubrowka, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. If you love comedy this is a must watch!

Feature Film : Whiplash

Here’s our Feature Films (Oscars) continued!

Now who hasn’t had a crush on Miles Teller this last year? He has starred in several feel good movies such as Two Night Stand, That Awkward Moment, and who could forget his role in Spectacular Now? He is the Chandler Bing of his generation, and who doesn’t love Chandler Bing? But, Whiplash is a total change of character for him, he plays Andrew, a young drummer who enrolls in a cut-throat music conservatory and is mentored by an instructor who will stop at nothing to realize student’s potential. This instructor is none other than Oscar nominated J.K. Simmons (who you might recognize from his stint in Juno) in his mind there are no lines to cross, and if you do not play by his rules then he will make you look like a fool before he kicks you out of the room! Let’s just say he isn’t the nicest of guys (plus his bald head, muscles, and black ensembles make him look intense and terrifying). I may be biased saying I love this movie because it is following a drummer and the hard work that goes into that industry (granted I only played instruments for a few years as a teen, but never to this extreme). Hats off to you Miles Teller!

Feature Film : The Theory of Everything

This film is one for the books (seriously, better love story than any Nicholas Sparks) it follows the life of famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane (Felicity Jones…her name alone screams hollywood star). Eddie Redmayne plays a striking version of the young Stephen as he battles with a fatal illness while attending Cambridge in the 1960’s. Eddie’s progression of Stephen’s battle with this disease is absolutely captivating. He truly deserves the Oscar for Actor in a Leading Role, alongside Felicity Jones for Actress in a Leading Role, Best Picture, Music, and Writing ; the only snub for this film was Costume Design (coming from a Fashion Design Graduate) the clothing was simply perfect!

But seriously can we just take a second to look at this gorgeous man!


The Academy Awards : Nominations!

It may be Super Bowl Sunday and the one day every female goes all out and throws an amazing get together for football, but we all know that after today everyone is going to binge watch all the Oscar movies (no? just me?). Well be prepared to watch the best Oscar nominated movies (or at least my favorites) every weekend leading up to The Academy Awards  on Feb 22. Here is a list of my favorite Oscar Nominated movies this year (or at least a list of ones that I will watch before the Award show). For the full list of all the nominees head to Oscar.go.com/nominees

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American Sniper – 6 Nominations

Actor in a Leading Role / Best Picture / Film Editing / Sound Editing / Sound Mixing / Writing

Begin Again – 1 Nomination

Music (Original Song)

Beyond the Lights – 1 Nomination

Music (Original Song)

Birdman – 9 Nominations

Actor in a Leading Role / Actor in a Supporting Role / Actress in a Supporting Role / Best Picture / Cinematography / Directing / Sound Editing / Sound Mixing / Writing

Boyhood – 6 Nominations

Actor in a Supporting Role / Actress in a Supporting Role / Best Picture / Directing / Film Editing / Writing

Foxcatcher – 5 Nominations

Actor in a Leading Role / Actor in a Supporting Role / Directing / Makeup and Hairstyling / Writing

Gone Girl – 1 Nomination

Actress in a Leading Role

The Grand Budapest Hotel – 9 Nominations

Best Picture / Cinematography / Costume Design / Directing / Film Editing / Makeup and Hairstyling / Music / Production Design / Writing

The Imitation Game – 8 Nominations

Actor in a Leading Role / Actress in a Supporting Role / Best Picture / Directing / Film Editing / Music / Production Design / Writing

Inherent Vice – 2 Nominations

Costume Design / Writing

Interstellar – 5 Nominations

Music / Production Design / Sound Editing / Sound Mixing / Visual Effects

Into The Woods – 3 Nominations

Actress in a Supporting Role / Costume Design / Production Design

The Judge – 1 Nomination

Actor in a Supporting Role

Maleficent – 1 Nomination

Costume Design

Mr. Turner – 4 Nominations

Cinematography / Costume Design / Music / Production Design

Selma – 2 Nominations

Best Picture / Music

Still Alice – 1 Nomination

Actress in a Leading Role

The Theory of Everything – 5 Nominations

Actor in a Leading Role / Actress in a Leading Role / Best Picture / Music (Original Song) / Writing

Two Days, One Night – 1 Nomination

Actress in a Leading Role

Unbroken – 3 Nominations

Cinematography / Sound Editing / Sound Mixing

Whiplash – 5 Nominations

Actor in a Supporting Role / Best Picture / Film Editing / Sound Mixing / Writing

Wild – 2 Nominations

Actress in a Leading Role / Actress in a Supporting Role

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