Feature Film : Whiplash

Here’s our Feature Films (Oscars) continued!

Now who hasn’t had a crush on Miles Teller this last year? He has starred in several feel good movies such as Two Night Stand, That Awkward Moment, and who could forget his role in Spectacular Now? He is the Chandler Bing of his generation, and who doesn’t love Chandler Bing? But, Whiplash is a total change of character for him, he plays Andrew, a young drummer who enrolls in a cut-throat music conservatory and is mentored by an instructor who will stop at nothing to realize student’s potential. This instructor is none other than Oscar nominated J.K. Simmons (who you might recognize from his stint in Juno) in his mind there are no lines to cross, and if you do not play by his rules then he will make you look like a fool before he kicks you out of the room! Let’s just say he isn’t the nicest of guys (plus his bald head, muscles, and black ensembles make him look intense and terrifying). I may be biased saying I love this movie because it is following a drummer and the hard work that goes into that industry (granted I only played instruments for a few years as a teen, but never to this extreme). Hats off to you Miles Teller!