Editorial : Chanel

Chanel has revealed their handbag campaign pictures with Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Paradis, and Alice Dellal as the faces of the campaign. The women are in separate campaign photos with the bag that best embodies them. Kristen with the 11.12, Vanessa with the Girl, and Alice with the Boy. In keeping with Chanel’s tradition, the black-and-white images of the three muses were shot by Karl Lagerfeld.

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From Then To Now : Kendall Jenner

It’s clear that this reality star is now pushing her way through the fashion industry. Starting her career at a young age in 2010, Kendall Jenner, has now catwalked her way through Givenchy, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs 2014 fashion shows. Here’s a look at her modeling career from then to now.

Reincarnation : Short Film by Karl Lagerfeld

As we all know Karl Lagerfeld is filled with talent! He’s known for making short films for most of his collections with Chanel. Here is his newest short film starring Cara Delevingne (The face of Chanel) and Pharrell Williams (friend of Karl’s and composer of the music in the film). Enjoy!

Feature Film : Chanel No. 5 Set : The Song

Final chapter in our Chanel story, Baz Luhrmann describes how the remake of a classic song (performed by Lo-Fang) created a new narrative for No. 5.

Video from Chanel Youtube. Head to Chanel.com for more

Feature Film : Chanel No. 5 Set : The Fragrance

Chanel No. 5 is clearly the most popular fragrance for women. Baz Luhrmann talks about the heritage of No 5 and how the fragrance became an icon.

Video from Chanel Youtube. Head to Chanel.com for more

Weekend Movie! : Coco before Chanel

The end of our Chanel week is slowly coming to an end! But luckily, we are able to end the week with a weekend movie in honor of the designer. One of my favorite movies Coco Before Chanel stars Audrey Tautou as the milliner turned fashion entrepreneur. Plus, for those of you who love reading, it is in French (bucket list), so put your Chanel glasses on and try to keep up with the subtitles!!

LBJ is the new LBD

One of my favorite coffee table books is the Chanel The Little Black Jacket. It features famous influential women from around the world wearing different variations of Chanel’s famous Black Jacket! One of my favorites of course, Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself SJP!! Take a look back to the making of this phenomenal style book.

Video from Chanel Youtube

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