ESPY Awards 2015 : Caitlyn Jenner

Another amazing moment in history, when we all stand up for each other and allow others to be their true selves and inspire one another. I could write an entire essay about how much Caitlyn Jenner has changed everyone’s views on this topic and I couldn’t be more proud to live in a time where we all realize change is about to happen! (and come on, she looks gorgeous in this white wrap dress)

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Editorial : Towel Series

Mario Testino has graced Vogue with countless snapshots of gorgeous models in breathtaking designer clothes. But, shockingly enough one of his most famous series of photos is with models in towels. Since shooting a snapshot of Kate Moss after she had stepped out of the shower in a robe and towel, Mario has convinced almost every big name model in the business to pose for his hugely popular Instagram “Towel Series”. Here’s a few of my favorite shots!

All images from Instagram and photographed by Mario Testino