Feature Film : Chanel No. 5 Set : The Costume Design

Probably one of my favorite parts of this film, the fashion! Catherine Martin has worked alongside Baz Luhrmann on many films including the costume design for The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge.

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Home Away From Home : F. Scott Fitzgerald Suite

The Fitzgerald Suite in New York City’s Plaza Hotel was designed by the Oscar winning costume and production designer Catherine Martin of 2013’s The Great Gatsby¬†(only fitting). The linens in the suite are embroidered with Jay Gatsby’s monogram, which is locked inside a daisy motif representing his long lost love. This suite is stocked with vintage board games and custom made Tiffany & Co. playing cards (F. Scott Fitzgerald was one of their biggest clients). Take a tour of the modern 1920’s!

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Feature Film : Chanel No. 5 Set: The Cast

Starring Gisele Bundchen, Michiel Huisman, Catherine Martin (Production Designer), and Baz Luhrmann (Director).

Video from Chanel Youtube, visit Chanel.com for more