Instagram Inspirations : The Oscars 2015

Some of the best moments from the Oscars!

Home Away From Home


Nothing is more interesting to me than seeing people’s homes. It’s a way to view their lifestyle, family, and color palette all in one place. (you might even get a peek into their closets “fingers crossed”. I have always dreamed of owning and decorating my own home, I have thought about this since I was little. Most young girls plan their wedding colors and dress options, but me, I plan my Modern day Victorian home with a touch of new deco moldings in every room. So obviously I love when celebrities (who have THE best homes) give tours of their apartments/condos/houses/vacation homes (and whatever else tickles their fancy).

In this month’s issue of Elle, designer Lela Rose, opened up her Long Eddy, New York home. The house is obviously gorgeous (duh!) with a slightly darker, sharper look. Rose calls the home a “very Frank Lloyd Wright” look which enticed the family to move two hours northwest of Manhattan. With a home like this, I wouldn’t complain leaving Manhattan! (just make weekend trips down).

elle-01-living-v-lgn elle-02-living-v-mdn