Home Away From Home : Ann Pyne

This month in Elle Decor, Ann Pyne, head of one of America’s oldest and most distinguished design firms, gives old-school decorating a surprising new relevance. Our favorite room is by far the Formal Living Room with the draped curtains, chandelier, and the art deco mirror! When can we move in?


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All images from ElleDecor.com

Home Away From Home : Fashion Week Homes

This week are taking a look at the homes of some of the top names in fashion. House #1 Tamara Mellon co – owner of Jimmy Choo, and house #2 Rena Abboud socialite and party hostess!

Tamara Mellon – Hamptons

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Rena Abboud – London

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[All Images from ElleDecor.com]

Home Away From Home : John Mayer

Reminiscing at the older spread of Elle Decor where Mr. John Mayer lets us take a look in his 2,500-square-foot apartment in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. “If my apartment could make me feel the way I do in Mr. Armani’s suits, life would be really wonderful.” Mayer recalls thinking when he bought his SoHo spread. With that the Armani/Casa design team agreed to help. “I wanted to create a sophisticated environment for John,” the fashion icon says, “one that will bring as much pleasure to him as his music brings to us.”

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[Images : Elledecor.com] photographer: Simon Upton Article by: Kathleen Hackett 

Home Away From Home


In the September issue of Elle Decor they toured a Manhattan home that was inspired by a renowned London cocktail bar, designed by Steven Gambrel! Nothing is off limits in this 5,000-square-foot space. Photography by Eric Piasecki Produced by  Cynthia Frank Article by Kathleen Hackett. To view the entire article click the link below:


Home Away From Home


Nothing is more interesting to me than seeing people’s homes. It’s a way to view their lifestyle, family, and color palette all in one place. (you might even get a peek into their closets “fingers crossed”. I have always dreamed of owning and decorating my own home, I have thought about this since I was little. Most young girls plan their wedding colors and dress options, but me, I plan my Modern day Victorian home with a touch of new deco moldings in every room. So obviously I love when celebrities (who have THE best homes) give tours of their apartments/condos/houses/vacation homes (and whatever else tickles their fancy).

In this month’s issue of Elle, designer Lela Rose, opened up her Long Eddy, New York home. The house is obviously gorgeous (duh!) with a slightly darker, sharper look. Rose calls the home a “very Frank Lloyd Wright” look which enticed the family to move two hours northwest of Manhattan. With a home like this, I wouldn’t complain leaving Manhattan! (just make weekend trips down).

elle-01-living-v-lgn elle-02-living-v-mdn