Home Away From Home : Catt Sadler

One of my favorite hosts, Catt Sadler, opened up her amazing closet to Domaine Home. Of course being a host on E! News means that you need to have a stylish point of view in fashion. So it doesn’t surprise us that she has an absolutely stunning open closet in her room that she shares with her husband and two kids. With the help of one of my favorite interior design groups, California Closets, Catt was able to get the closet that lives up to the exceptional clothes she dresses in!

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Home Away From Home : kate & andy spade

kate spade

Stumbled upon this gem from the archives of this is glamorous and we all know how much I love kate spade and the spade family! (for those new spades out there andy is her husband who created jack spade). Be in awe of this beautiful south hampton home full of quips and quirky patterns!

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