Home Away From Home : Genevieve’s Renovation

After talking with friends endlessly about homes, condos, renovations etc, a friend told me to watch Genevieve’s Renovation on Netflix. Totally worth the 4 hours of binge watching the first season! I now know who I am going to call the minute I buy my first home (or the minute I have enough money to afford Genevieve). Watching the show you see interior designer, Genevieve Gorder, tackle combining her Manhattan apartment and the apartment next to hers to create the perfect home. Of course there were challenges, but she finds ways to make ends meet and they are stunning! My favorite room is definitely the home office, that table is so beautiful, and I fell in love with every door she put in this home! Well done! Head to Netflix (right now) to watch the transformation.

All images from HGTV

Home Away From Home : Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss has now ventured into interior design…(seriously, is there anything this girl can’t do?)…She has collaborated with the design company YOO, and Katie Grove of Grove Interiors, for her first time dressing a home in Cotswolds along the English Countryside.

All images from This Is Glamorous

Home Away From Home

This has, (let me say that with more emphasis – HAS) to be my all time favorite kitchen (cough cough, future kitchen). I know I say that about most of the homes I blog about, but this is me to a T, I love everything about this kitchen, the island that is also a part of the bench seating (so San Francisco), the big magnificent table, and can we take a moment to notice the three chandeliers. That’s right not one, not two, (oh no, that’s child play), three chandeliers. Take all the time you need to drool over this room and to imagine what the rest of the home must look like to keep up with the admirable kitchen.

All images from Domaine Home 

Home Away From Home : House of Harper

Blogger Caroline Harper Knapp of House of Harper has transformed a space that was once used as a dining room into a home base for her fashion blog. Knapp created her stylish room to house meetings, small photo shoots, and blogging! I am loving the bright bold contrast between the chairs and rug!

All images from Domaine Home