Home Away From Home : Art Deco Parisian Apartment

This is truly one of my favorite Parisian Apartments. I first came across this stunning apartment on one of my favorite blogs This is Glamorous, and now just came across it again a year later on Yatzer. Designer Ramy Fischler refurbished a duplex apartment in a listed building on Place de Colombie in Paris’ 16th Arrondissement, France. Situated in the 1930’s Art Deco complex known as the ‘Walter Buildings’ the apartment was transformed into a modern day home.

Spectacular curtains made of lacquered plaster cover the entry hall walls while prints of Baroque-era paintings have been applied on mirrors and other surfaces. In the most dramatic living room, white custom epoxy paint has been applied, by hand, on the woodwork in the living room and dining area to create a fading out effect, as if the ceiling is descending into the wall like a mist.

I hope you love this apartment (my future home) as much as I do!

Head to Yatzer to see the full apartment and read the entire article!

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