Hit List : Top 8 Ed Sheeran Covers

Everyone is Team Sheeran these days, he has the perfect voice, and is amazingly talented with a looper and being the best 1 man band! But, for those of you who have just started following the singer/songwriter here’s a little treat. Here’s 7 videos of Ed Sheeran doing amazing songs with his acoustic style, and an extra video of Demi Lovato doing an Ed Sheeran cover of his beautiful song “Give Me Love”. Enjoy!

8. Chasing Cars

7. Give Me Love (Demi Lovato)

6. She Looks So Perfect

5. Hit Me Baby One More Time

4. Pony

3. Skinny Love

2. You Need Me I Don’t Need You (not a cover but the best studio performance of this song)

1. Trap Queen

Bonus Clip: Ed Sheeran Sings Heavy Metal on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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