Mayhem in Vogue

fashion-by-mayhem-met-gala-04_135346554858.jpg_gallery_max fashion-by-mayhem-met-gala-02_135344764701.jpg_gallery_max

Fashion’s youngest fashionista recreates Met Gala gowns, click more for more pictures.

Fashion’s youngest fashionista has posed in front of over 375,000 followers on her mother Angie’s Instagram (@2sisters_angie) feed, and has received countless “likes” for her construction paper versions of red carpet looks. Little four-year old Mayhem models her DIY gowns in front of the carpeted space in what used to be Angie’s office, but now serves as their “design studio”.

Vogue reached out to the mother daughter duo with a challenge, to recreate some of the most memorable gowns from the previous years at The Met Gala. Scroll to see her best creations! Click the link below to view the full interview with Mayhem’s mother Angie.

fashion-by-mayhem-met-gala-01_135343438608.jpg_gallery_max   img-ashleyolsen_142535658221.jpg_gallery_max

Ashley Olsen in Christian Dior Couture

fashion-by-mayhem-met-gala-02_135344764701.jpg_gallery_max   jennifer-lopez_073657857810.jpg_gallery_max_135629591020.jpg_gallery_max

Jennifer Lopez in Gucci

fashion-by-mayhem-met-gala-03_135345132666.jpg_gallery_max   lauren-santo-domingo_135630977957.jpg_gallery_max

Lauren Santo Domingo in Oscar de la Renta

fashion-by-mayhem-met-gala-04_135346554858.jpg_gallery_max sjp_135633329292.jpg_gallery_max

Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen

fashion-by-mayhem-met-gala-05_135346166913.jpg_gallery_max florence-welch_135627294731.jpg_gallery_max

Florence Welch in Alexander McQueen

fashion-by-mayhem-met-gala-06_135347932213.jpg_gallery_max   rihanna_135630564527.jpg_gallery_max

Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana

All images on left from @2sisters_angie Instagram

All images on right from

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