Secret Garden


Secret Garden Secret Garden

Secret Garden!

Secret Garden

Upon a new adventure at my internship, I stumbled into Macy’s Secret Garden! I was marveling at the many colors and textures as I was welcomed by 6 dresses from the designers in the Chicago Fashion Incubator. Walking through the garden it seemed as though the flowers were reproducing, everywhere you turned there were tall flowers, short flowers, red and blue hues amongst many others. Then I stopped, stunned by the lady in red! I felt as though Valentino himself had created this piece, all petals draped on the body in a red hue unlike any other.

I highly suggest driving, walking, or simply swiping your ventra card to get to the Macy’s on State Street to view this event! Truly spectacular and smells good too! Go quick as the events’ last day is April 6!



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