Autumn 2016 : Behind the Man

This shoot, I was fortunate enough to work some of my talented friends and family. Shot back in my home state, Illinois, we shot yet again outside (shocker – I know) against some of the deciduous trees, to gain some structure next to the draped dresses! Luckily it was amazing weather for the middle of February in Illinois, minus the crazy 40 mph winds. However, we made it through and I am so thrilled to be sharing these amazing pictures with you.

I worked with some of the best people I know, (thank god for talented friends) and had so much fun doing this shoot! The hair was done by one of my old friends (crazy to think we are now old enough to say old friends) Erin King (studio 117 in Morton, IL) and she did such an amazing job! The beautiful models are some of my long time friends, Paige Wood, Melanie Wacker, and my cousin Kelli Folkerts. Working with them is always an adventure and trust me they make modeling look so easy! Lastly, the photographer is my one of my favorite people on this planet, my cousin Nina Folkerts, we have grown up together, wanted to switch sisters, and now have worked together on 2 projects. I couldn’t have asked for a better team! Love you ladies. (Shout out to my sister Nichole for helping me with the models behind the scenes!)