Ryan Adams : 1989

Because I am obsessed with Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, I have to post about Ryan Adam’s new album 1989. Yes you heard that right, Ryan Adams has remade Swift’s 1989 with his own twist, reconstructing all 13 songs from the album, not including the bonus tracks, into moody tunes by replacing Swift’s pop anthems with guitar riffs and stark vocals.

Why would someone dare touch Swift’s biggest selling album you ask? Adams needed a new project after his split with Mandy Moore and while listening to 1989 decided to transform the songs with his perspective. What’s even better is T Swift couldn’t have been more supportive, consistently posting on instagram the cover art for Adams spin on the album.

All week I will posting Adams version of 1989, and if you can’t wait that long to listen, head to iTunes here to purchase the 1989 album! Starting off with my favorite (and Tay Tay’s newest single) Wildest Dreams. Take a look at Taylor’s video of the same song and tell me which one you like more (simply because I can not choose).

Music Monday

Music Monday

Vol. 48

After seeing this band last weekend, I am in love. Last week they did all 90’s covers ranging from Good Charlotte, Backstreet Boys, and Blink 182, and it was amazing. Here’s some of their original songs that are available for free download here.

The Personnel – Naive

The Personnel – Wake Me

The Personnel – We Can’t Get Out